Through our effective train the trainer model, we work with teachers by training them on the expectations while holistically developing them to be a trainer. Your education team will learn a topic, but will also simultaneously learn how to teach others the subject. Your team will be left feeling a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. When teachers become the trainers, they’re further learning subjects, increasing communication lines and improving overall relationships.

There’s a big difference between just being a teacher and being a leader. We help train teachers “on the stuff in the middle”  so they can make a difference in children’s lives, communities, and beyond. When you think back to your favorite teacher personally, chances are they were a leader. Of course, there isn’t a simple leadership formula we follow. However, we work with your teachers to develop their strong skills to balance positivity, encouraging trust and being a role model. Through our training, we see teachers become effective leaders by making the best decisions, sacrificial decisions and innovative decisions.

It is a proven fact that children learn the most between birth and the age of 5, it is essential to spark their learning interest at a young age. During this age range – children dream the most, are building their self-esteem and embracing creativity. As an educator, it is our duty to encourage them to keep on dreaming, keep up the confidence and keep on being creative. At Faith Walker, Inc. we help teachers provide students learning experiences holistically and individually. The more you know from building a relationship with your children, the more you can do to cater their education experience to their learning style. The end result is a child who loves to learn and wants to do big things.


We take goals, dreams and ideas and make them a reality. With custom programs available, we’ll personalize your experience. Get in touch today and start making an even bigger difference.

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